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What Makes Paragon
Motor Club Different?

Why Paragon?

In this section, we build the case for why you should buy a vehicle service contract (a.k.a. extended warranty plan) in the first place, and why you should purchase your vehicle service contract from Paragon Motor Club and save hundreds on auto repair costs.

What Makes Paragon Motor Club Extended Car Warranties Different?

As an industry leader, Paragon Motor Club is one of the few direct to consumer marketers of extended warranties that are 100% insured by licensed and admitted insurance companies. In fact, we shop between two top rated insurance companies to get you the best price and coverage.

The extended car warranty purchased through Paragon Motor Club is directly insured by industry leading insurance companies enjoying an A.M. Best rating of "A+" (Superior). You can feel confident that your extended car warranty is directly insured by an insurance company that has the financial stability to pay claims today and in the future.

Beware of Risk Retention Groups

Ask us about the differences between an insurance company and a risk retention group when purchasing an extended car warranty. For a more detailed explanation of the differences, compare RRGs vs. Insurance-backed warranties now.

Find out why is it so important for consumers to purchase an extended used car warranty insured by an insurance company that has at least an "A" rating and is an admitted insurer to do business in your state.