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Paragon Motor Club

"I just bought an extended warranty from Paragon Motor Club and my dealer could not believe I bought the platinum plan at such a good price. He has had no problem with the warranty company and has worked with them before. I hope that I don't need it, but if I do it will be the best investment I have made."


Robert S.


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Paragon Motor Club - Testimonials

We thought you might like to read what other customers have to say about their Paragon Motor Club experiences.
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Howard W.:

Thank you for your time and effort. My wife has already used your service due to a locked door to her automobile. The service given to her was beyond great, from the customer service to the locksmith. What really impressed us the most was the fact that she was routinely called to be given the status and update of the situation of finding a locksmith and time frame for his arrival due the remote area she was in. Any other time with another roadside assistance company, she would probably be forgotten about, and she would have to call them repeatedly to receive any kind of service. The constant updates, very good professional customer service, and timely manner which your company gave my wife will not be forgotten. If this is the typical high standard service that we are to expect from Paragon Motor Club, the we have no problems what so ever being members for years to come. Again, thank you!

Howard W.

Greg T.:

After extensive research on Natonwide Insurance, Phoenix American, and Paragon Motor Club, I know that I made the right decision when purchasing. I have purchased extended warranties before from the dealer, but this was as good as theirs at a better price and it even covered my tires (I added this option, well worth it). I am impressed with your company and the professional service from everyone I've talked with so far. I look forward to having your protection on my vehicle and the peace of mind this will bring me. Your Better Business Bureau rating is fantastic also.

Greg T.
New York

Sherry S.:

Thank you for providing a great buying experience when I purchased my extended warranty from you. I was impressed with Paragon Motor Club and nationwide. Your staff was informative and not "pushy". I really appreciated that kind of service, not to mention a GREAT product at a GREAT price.

Scott S.
New York

Deborah R.:

Paragon Motor Club is awesome! The service you provide cannot be beat by anyone. You can be sure that I will recommend Paragon Motor Club to all my family and friends, and that I would not think of buying another vehicle without considering the advantage of having Paragon Motor Club coverage.

Deborah R.

Robert S.:

I just bought an extended warranty from Paragon Motor Club and my dealer could not believe I bought the platinum plan at such a good price. He has had no problem with the warranty company and has worked wioth them before. I hope that I don't need it, but if I do it will be the best investment I have made.

Robert S.

Liz C.:

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the efficient service. I only waited 27 minutes for the tow truck....WOW!


Liz C.

Mark S.:

I usually don't write to companies, but I felt compelled to let you know how surprised I was that you actually did what you said you would do. When I needed service, you were there to help.

Robert S.
North Carolina

Wolf F.:

I purchased my first warranty sometime ago on a used car. Unfortunately I have had a claim. I contacted Paragon Motor Club and without hesitation they contacted the dealership and paid for the repairs. I was so overwhelmed that I am considering purchasing another warranty. This warranty is well worth the cost.

Wolf F.

Steve K.:

I bought a membership and it has worked liked a charm. Easy to use, quick service, and courteous people (also low prices). You guys are are terrific!!!!

Steve K.

Samantha J.:

I was nervous about buying a warranty on the Internet and my husband thought I was crazy. However, we know we made the right decision. He is an insurance agent with 20 years of experience and he believes that A rated companies are the only way to go. Nationwide (A+ rated) met all of his conditions. Although I have not made a claim, I know they will be there to take care of it if it happens.

Samantha J.

Kevin M.:

I used the service for the first time and I am happy to tell you that it worked great. They showed up on time and all I had to do was sign my name for the tow. Thanks for the great service.

Kevin M.

John E.:

I was hesitant to buy on the Internet, but my experience with Paragon Motor Club has been excellent so far. I can understand why your better business bureau rating is so good, you relaly know how to treat your customers. I have not had to use my membership, but I feel confident that if I do, you will be there for me.

John E.

Robert P.:

Just a quick note to thank you for your service. We were stranded the other day and called for service. Not only did you come when promised, but you were courtious and efficient. I was back on the road within 45 minutes. I bought the membership because we wanted to be protected if we broke down, and it sure worked as planned. Please thank your staff for everything.

Robert P.

Lou Ann G.:

I have been a member for years and never needed to use the membership. The other day, my car stopped running and I called the service center. Within 1 hour someone was their to jump the battery. I have heard stories about other companies having a 2-3 hour wait, so I was pleasantly surporised to have them show up so quickly. Thank you for meeting my expecatations.

Lou Ann G.

Chuck T.:

We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the prompt and hassle-free response Paragon Motor Club gave to our most recent service. This is not the first time that you've come through immediately for us. Be assured that we'll select Paragon Motor Club for our next roadside or extended warranty and will be glad to refer our friends to you!

Chuck T.