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What Makes Paragon
Motor Club Different?

Fleet Division - Advantage Roadside Assistance

Our Advantage plan is perfect for companies who desire higher levels of fleet roadside assistance coverage and protection, Advantage-only emergency benefits and nationwide discounts, and sign and drive convenience.

Paragon Motor Club is proud to introduce our Heavy-Duty Fleet & Business Use Roadside Assistance Plans. This unique and valuable protection is now available on any Commercial Van, Bus, Box Truck, RV and more. Fleet roadside may also cover cars, trucks, SUV's and vans weighing less than 1 ½ tons; two, three, and four wheeled motorcycles; and RV / Travel Trailers up to 30' in length. All of our Fleet Division plans are customizable to fit the unique needs of your business. Get a free price quote for your fleet today!

Perfect for all commercial cars, SUV, trucks and vans up to 1 1/2 tons. Vehicles over 1 1/2 tons (box trucks, buses, and 18-wheelers) should consider our Heavy Duty plans.

We've designed our commercial and fleet roadside assistance memberships to cover the vehicle, not the driver, so any driver of that vehicle is covered and can enjoy the safety and security of our roadside assistance protection. Fill out a quote request today!

Optional Fleet Programs - These fleet-only programs are provided at your option to further protect your commercial and business vehicles, as well as your employees who drive them.

  • Fleet Tracking - Allows your company to track the location of the vehicles in a fleet.

Advantage membership protects your fleet with increased benefit limits for roadside assistance and services as listed below. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the US and Canada.

Towing - When your automobile is disabled due to mechanical breakdown or covered disablement, we will arrange and provide towing up to 100 miles for your automobile or motorcycle to a service facility of your choice.

Flat Tire Assistance - If your automobile has an inflated spare tire, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. If your automobile has two (2) or more flat tires, or you do not have an inflated spare, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest service facility.

Battery Service - When your automobile experiences battery failure, we will provide a jump-start. If it is unable to be started, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest service facility.

Extricating/Winching - Provides for the extrication or winching of the automobile when it can be reached from a normally traveled or established thoroughfare.

Lost Key / Lockout Service - When you lose your key or lock them in your vehicle, service will be sent to cut new keys or gain entry into your vehicle. Does not include the cost to reproduce keys.

Mechanical Adjustments - Provides for minor adjustments to be made at the disablement site in an attempt to allow the automobile to operate safely under its own power. If the minor adjustments are unsuccessful, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest service facility.

Vehicle Fluid Delivery - If your automobile becomes disabled due to running out of gas or needs other fluids, we will arrange to have them delivered to your location. Does not include the cost of fluids provided.

Ambulance Assistance Reimbursement - Should You require the need of an ambulance as the result of a Vehicle accident, We will reimburse You up to the Benefit Limit to help offset the cost.

Legal Defense Reimbursement - We will reimburse You up to Your Benefit Limit for legal fees incurred for an attorney’s appearance in court to defend You against conviction for a violation of a motor vehicle law arising out of the ownership or use of Your Vehicle.

Customized Trip Routing – Customized Trip Routing Service allows You to request mapped guide for a planned trip. You’ll receive Customized Trip Routing in Your choice of the most energy efficient, time-saving or most scenic way to go. Before traveling log into Your Online Member Benefits section of Our website or call Us to receive Your Custom Trip Routing which will provide You with narrative directions to Your desired destination. This service can save You time and fuel by showing You the most direct route; or You may elect the most scenic route to travel. Please place Your request at least two weeks in advance.

Accident and Stolen Vehicle Trip Interruption* – When Your Vehicle is stolen or Disabled as a result of an accident (not mechanical failure), 100 or more miles from Your residence, We will reimburse You for travel and lodging expenses up to the Benefit Limit.