For any kind of auto, the ADVANTAGE PLAN from Paragon Motor Club bests AAA
in a side-by-side comparison.

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What Makes Paragon
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Why Paragon?

In this section, we build the case for the invaluable peace of mind, security, and savings that a Roadside Assistance membership from Paragon Motor Club will provide. We also suggest driving tips for avoiding roadside emergencies before they happen, show you how well our plans stand up to the competition on the balance of benefits and total cost, and introduce you to our bundled special which can save you 15% off our best deal!

Has this ever happened to you?

Imagine yourself stranded on the side of a highway--your vehicle won't start, has a flat tire, is critically low on gas, or maybe you got in an accident. It's obvious you're going to need help to get you out of this jam, and on top of everything else you're thinking: how much time is this going to take and how much is it going to cost me?

You remember you've got a member card for Paragon Motor Club in your back pocket for just this type of situation, so you simply call the 24 hour Roadside Assistance hotline number on the card and explain what's wrong. Helpful and well-trained dispatchers will help you identify the solution and send the nearest professional roadside assistance technician straight to your location. They'll fix your vehicle or arrange for it to be fixed so you can get moving again.

It's a big relief to know exactly how much this emergency is going to cost you. If you're a Classic member, you've got the core Roadside Assistance benefits for a covered service. If you're an Advantage member, covered services have higher limits... your total cost could be a big fat zero! And with sign and drive convenience, all you have to do is sign for the covered services right then and there and leave the details to us, with no out of pocket expense to you.

Roadside Assistance when you really need it!

What if a roadside emergency occurred while you were on a business trip or vacation? Not to worry, your Paragon Motor Club provides valuable services for travelers to help you reach your destination. If you're an Advantage member, you'll have even more member benefits, discounts, and reimbursements at your disposal to navigate your way back to normal.

At the moment of your breakdown, you'll be happy you decided to purchase a Roadside Assistance membership plan from Paragon Motor Club. For less than a few cups of coffee per month, you've protected yourself 24/7/365 from the hassle and cost of a roadside breakdown...the kind of trouble you see happening to drivers just like you everyday. Relax--you've got Paragon Motor Club's network of roadside providers ready to assist you at a price you can easily justify. You made a wise decision that will save you money and time when you really need it.